The lead protagonists of Sony Entertainment Television’s Hum Hain Naa Kanwar Dhillon aka Bunty and Pratyusha Banerjee aka Saagarika were in the Orange City Nagpur recently to promote their show.

The young actors were thrilled to interact with the media and the fans there. While there is no doubt that both the actors enjoy a great fan following, Pratyusha was surprised when she was mobbed by fans!

The talented duo attended a special event for women, where the audience just couldn’t get enough of the actors. The women hooted and cheered as Pratyusha and Kanwar made an entry and expressed their love for the actors. So much so that, some women went to the extent of pulling Pratyusha’s saree to grab her attention.

While Pratyusha was excited to be in Nagpur, Kanwar on the other hand was at the receiving end of all the love from the women present there, being the only boy! One woman got so carried away expressing her love for him that she pulled him close and kissed him on the cheek!

Though Kanwar was completely shocked, he was happy to receive so much love from the people! This is one trip which the actors will definitely not forget!