An interesting revelation is coming up in Life OK’s Laut Aao Trisha as Prateek’s extra marital affair will be out if front of Kabir.

24 Frames’ popular show Laut Aao Trisha on Life OK is keeping the audience hooked to the show with its fascinating storyline and intriguing twists. After Trisha has been missing from the Swaika family, Prateek and Amrita are too saddened with their daughter going missing and are leaving no stone unturned to search her.

Well as the story is progressing, many hidden secrets are unveiled of the family members. A shocking truth will shatter Amrita and Kabir in the further episodes of the show.

As per our sources, “Amrita (Bhagyashree Patwardhan) and Kabir (Eijaz Khan) will be discussing about the case and Prateek (Jai Kalra) will come at the spot along with his secretary Neha. She will be having some personal report of Trisha. This will amaze Amrita and Kabir that how come Neha has Trisha’s report as she is just her father’s secretary?

“Later Neha and Prateek will be in a hotel room where Neha will tell Prateek that Trisha had asked for the report and she already knew about their affair. Thus Trisha has threatened her that if she (Neha) don’t give her the reports then she will tell the truth to her mom. Soon Kabir will reach at the hotel and will get to know about Prateek and Neha’s affair,” ends our source.

What will be Kabir’s next step? Is Neha playing a double game?

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