Life OK’s Laut Aao Trisha will soon gear up with the most awaited track where Amrita will finally come to know about Prateek’s extra marital affair.

24 Frames Productions’ popular show Laut Aao Trisha on Life OK has grabbed many eyeballs with its storyline and the suspense created in every episodes. The show revolved around the missing case of Trisha (Nalini Negi) and the entire Swaika family is in search of their beloved daughter but as the story progressed further many things were revealed which kept their audiences glued to the television screens.

As seen in the previous episodes, Prateek (Jai Kalra) who is having an extra marital affair with his secretary Neha has always hid it from his wife Amrita (Bhagyashree Patwardhan). But as truth can never be hidden any longer, Prateek’s affair will be revealed in front of Amrita in the upcoming episodes.

Our sources say, “There will be a Karwachauth sequence in the show where Amrita will keep a fast for Prateek. On the other hand Neha will also keep a fast for Prateek. Thus Prateek will find ways to break Neha’s fast after seeing the moon. While Amrita will be doing puja, Prateek will get a chance and will go to Neha’s place. Thus Amrita will suspect that something is wrong and she will follow Prateek and finally she will catch Prateek red handed with his secretary Neha.”

What will be Amrita’s reaction after seeing Prateek with his secretary?

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