Shared a source, “Due to a major short circuit, the set has been engulfed in darkness since morning. With no bank of episodes, the team has no option but to continue with the shoot with the help of generators.”

The actors have no option but to gather in a room and laze around. As per sources, there has been no update about the electricity revival and the actors are said to be pretty upset with the conditions.

When we buzzed the pretty Shafaq Naaz, she quipped, “Yes, it is true that there is no electricity since morning. As girls, it gets pretty uncomfortable in such situations but there is no other option. Hopefully the situation will get fine by evening as post sunset it will become really problematic.”

Paresh Ganatra also confirmed and added, “We are shooting for tomorrow’s telecast, thus, there is no way we can chuck shooting. It is difficult but we are all helpless.”

And finally, Aditi Sajwan added, “Thankfully, Ashwini Sir has managed a cooler in one of the rooms where the entire cast and crew has gathered together to get some relief from the heat.”

As per our source, the production team is trying its best to solve this crisis. Looks like the power supply will be back my tomorrow morning.

Till then…keep it cool, guys!