Just after coming out of the Bigg Boss house (Colors and Endemol India), the Shakuni mama of Indian television, Praneet Bhat, shared about his experience in the house and commented it to be a challenging experience.

“It was very challenging to be inside the house. Bigg Boss house was like a training session for me, where I became more seasoned as an actor. I am a much matured, balanced, strong and calm individual now,” said Praneet.

The actor also added, “Inside the house I was put into certain situations and there were instances where I decided to not to interfere in the chaos. Now that I am out, I will definitely watch the episodes and I really don’t regret any of my actions.”

Praneet also mentioned that he expected to be out of the house this week. “Yes, I expected to be out of the house this week and somewhere I feel even the audience could sense that I was ready to be out of the house. It feels good to be out as I can meet many people now.”

Praneet, who was an inseparable member of the ‘P3G’ gang (Puneet, Pritam, Praneet and Gautam) described Puneet to be a lovable person. “Puneet is a lovable individual and I believe he will not bother anyone unless he is really pissed off.”

We asked the actor about his plans as he is eliminated now and Praneet said that this will be purely some family time for him now. So, is marriage on the cards? Now, his answer was quite interesting readers.

“Yes, I might get married soon, but before doing that I need to ask my girlfriend and mother about it, as these two women are very important in my life,” added the actor candidly.

Hmm, we wish Praneet all the best in his life.