Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde, produced by Scaling Height Productions will see a major highpoint in the coming week when Poorab (Nikkhil Chadha) will be shot by his own father (Ravi Jhankal).

Yes, you heard it right!!

Poorab is presently on a mission to marry Minty (Roshani Sahota). But his game plan of marrying Minty in order to take revenge against Meher (Gulki Joshi) will fall flat when his father will get to know of him having killed Sameer (Karam Rajpal) during the war.

A source states that Tthere will be huge drama during Poorab’s wedding with Minty. In an argument that will take place between Poorab and Iqbal, Iqbal will come out with the truth of Poorab having shot Sameer during the war. This conversation would be overheard by Poorab’s father. The man will get shocked to know the truth, and he will immediately take out his gun and shoot Poorab when one of the rituals related to the marriage will be going on.

We hear that Poorab will get a bullet just above his chest and will soon be rushed to the hospital. With this, the Poorab-Minty marriage will come to a standstill.

We tried calling Nikhhil, but did not get through to him.

Watch this interesting twist in the Life OK show.