The dashing Pearl V Puri aka Abeer is a true romantic on the small screen.

The Meri Saasu Maa actor sat down for a candid conversation with us to share interesting tips for couples who wish to keep their romance alive…take a look:

Have at least one meal together

Couples should have at least one meal together… that way, you get to know your partner closely. Having meals together helps you to know about your partner’s likes and dikes.

No phone calls or messaging when you meet your partner

Whenever you are with your loved ones, make sure you respect him or her and be a part of the conversation rather than attending phone calls and flipping over your mobiles. Time is very precious so always live the moment.

Go on a date once in a month

Apart from meeting regularly, surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend with a romantic candle light dinner or by going out for a mini vacation.

Take your partner for long drives

Long drives are the best way to pass time with your partner. No disturbance, listening to Sufi music and chit-chatting. Sigh.

Make sure to celebrate each special occasion together

One finds happiness in small gestures. There is no special day to celebrate love but rejoicing your partner’s birthday and anniversary can make each other happy.

Awww….aren’t these like the best tips? Hit the comment box below to share your views.