Television industry’s very audacious and good looking actor Gaurav Chopraa has a few sketchy plans that he wishes to fullfill. The actor was seen acting on Colors’ very popular family sitcom Uttaran as Mr. Rathore. In a colloquy with the diligent actor he shares a few action-packed facts for our quickie segment. Have a look.

What is your comfort food after a hard day’s work?

It would be a smoothie that I would want to sip on. It would basically be a concoction of banana, skimmed milk and coffee.

Most played songs on your iPod?

Feel by Robbie Williams is always included in my juke box.

If you were to get stuck somewhere with no phone or internet, where would it be and with whom?

I would want to get stuck in Maldives may be with that someone, who I have always longed to live with all my life.

Live-in or marriage?

I do not have a problem with either of them but if I had to pick one it would be marriage.

Love is…

When your need becomes secondarily important to that of the other partner then there lies unconditional love between the two.

Sex is…

Sex is an expression of passion.

Craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?

When I was shooting for one of my serials, in Dubai they started telecasting me getting married and coincidently I was breaking up in my reel life.

What is best done slowly: eating or kissing?


Every person needs?

Every person needs the following four things in life. An ideal occupation, set of loved ones around them, a life partner and mix of happiness and sorrows, so that there is a perfect balance of every aspect in life.

What is something that you need to stop doing immediately?

I need to stop sleeping too late at night.

What have you always wanted to do but never done?

I have always wanted to go on a long vacation roaming the whole of the world, such that if I’d start from the beginning of the year I would want to return the next year.

One word that describes you?