Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev (Triangle Film Productions) has been churning out interesting episodes on weekdays and it leaves no stone unturned to take the audience by storm.

As per what we have been seen, Lohitang has vowed to end Mahadev’s life (characters of Lohitang and Mahadev are being played by Mohit Raina-double role).

In the upcoming episodes, Lohitang will attack Mahadev and he in turn will pierce a trishul (trident) on Lohitang’s chest.

Furthermore, Suhasi Dhami, who is seen essaying a calm and subtle beauty Parvati in the show, will now be seen in a completely different avatar of Maha Kali.

Why would Parvati take the Maha Kali anger filled avatar? How will Mahadev calm her down?

We contacted Suhasi who stated, “I have not read the script yet to confirm anything but yes, I will be seen in a very aggressive avatar. Truth always triumphs over evil and that shall happen in the upcoming episodes.”

Sounds in interesting!!!