The revelation sequence soon to come in Rangrasiya as Paro and Rudra will reveal the truth of Shantanu

Surabh Tewari Production’s popular show Rangrasiya on Colors is all set for a high voltage drama where the real face of Shantanu (Vishal Karwal) will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. How and when read the following to know more…

As per the ongoing track, Shantanu has managed to enter Rudra’s (Ashish Sharma) house and has succeeded in winning everybody’s heart. He has been able to accomplish his awful motive of taking his revenge from Rudra.

Now in the further episodes gear up for some drama and revelation sequence.

As per the sources, “Shantanu will propose to Sunheri (Khushbu Thakkar) and will ask her to get married but she will deny and this conversation will be over heard by Paro (Sanaya Irani). She will give the approval and entire family will agree for their marriage. Later there will be an engagement sequence of Sunheri and Shantanu. Paro will come across Shantanu’s photograph along with his brother Varun (Vishal Gandhi) who was killed by Rudra.

“It will come as a shock for Paro and she will inform about the same to Rudra and both will investigate about Shantanu. Finally they will get finger prints of Shantanu on the weapon with which he tried to kill Paro. Thus they will expose him in the engagement ceremony,” states our source.

“While the drama will be going in the house some romantic moments will be seen between Rudra and Paro. This most loved couple will be seen romancing on the screen. Yes you guessed it right finally they will be consummate their marriage. Later Paro will get pregnant,” ends our source.

The makers of the show are deciding to bring something new in the show and thus they might introduce the leap track in the show of about 5 years but nothing is finalized yet.

What will be Shantanu’s next move after he gets exposed?

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