It’s not new for actors to pull a fast one on contestants on Colors’ Bigg Boss. The TRP-grossing controversial show was once again in the limelight, and not for the right reasons, when the ‘Kill/Dill’ team visited the sets.

The trio of Parineeti Chopra, Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar entered the house to interact with the inmates and also to play games with them. While everybody was having a gala time dancing and enjoying, singer-actor Ali Quli was in for a rude shock. He was accused of touching Parineeti inappropriately while dancing together.

She was rather upset about it and left the house, warning Ali to be careful in the future.

Everybody, including the clueless inmates, were aghast at Ali’s behaviour. Considering his inappropriate action towards Sonali Raut just last week, they were quite upset with his ‘touchy issues’.

But when the Chopra girl came out of the house, it was revealed that the whole thing was a mere prank. Which nobody really found funny. We were rather disappointed to see an established actress like Chopra trivialising a serious issue like eve-teasing.

In a country, where women are not given the opportunity or the freedom to express their concerns, this episode simply mocks their plight. It’s also giving wrong ideas to young girls that they can wrongly accuse their male friends/partners of eve-teasing because everybody is going to support the women, ultimately.

Is that the message you want to convey to your audiences? Shouldn’t actors be more careful about what they say and do as they have a greater impact on us? We wish the prank was done differently and not in this cheap manner.

While it’s true that we need to learn to laugh at ourselves and not be so uptight about issues. It’s never appropriate to pull a prank that talks of sexual harassment in such a casual manner. It’s never acceptable. Never.

Hope that the team learns from their rather juvenile mistake. We wish the Kill/Dill gang a super success at the BO!