An interesting sequence is soon coming up in Tumhari Paakhi where Paakhi will send Aaryaman behind bars.

After Anshuman’s death in Shashi Sumeet Mittal’s popular show Tumhari Paakhi on Life OK the storyline will shift its focus on Paakhi who will become the head of the family. Paakhi will be the in charge of their family business and will also look after her family.

As seen in the ongoing episode as Anshuman (Iqbal Khan) dies, Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) and Aarayaman (Iqbal Khan) decide to not to reveal about Anshuman’s death and instead tell everyone in the family that Aryaman has died.

This is because Paakhi doesn’t want Ayaan (Divyam Dama) to go in trauma because of his father’s tragedy as he was very close to his father. But soon Paakhi will come to know that Aaryaman is responsible for Anshuman’s death. Thus in the upcoming episode, Paakhi will confront Aaryaman.

Our sources say, “Paakhi has finally got to know that Aryaman is responsible for Anshuman’s death and he is the person who tried to kidnap Ayaan along with the goons. Thus she tells the entire family that Anshuman has died and not Aryaman. She will also tell the truth to the police and will hand over Aaryaman to the police on the charge of her husband’s murder and an attempt to kidnap her son. She will tell Ayaan that his father has died and the man who is alive is his uncle Aryaman. She will console Ayaan and will decide that from today onwards she will be his mother as well as his father.”

“Soon Paakhi’s character will be revamped as she will become an independent woman. She will start working to fulfill Anshuman’s dream. As Anshuman has taken lots of investments from the investors, the investors will want their money back as they have lost faith in their company. Thus she will convince them to come in the project and help he to bring his deceased husband’s dream true,” ends our source.

Will Paakhi succeed in achieving her husband’s dream?

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