Handsome and talented Nandish Sadhu who is seen in Beintehaa on Colors talks about his interest in cricket, owning a team in BCL and much more…

Handsome Nandish Sandhu who is seen as Rehan in Colors’ popular show Beintehaa is a cricket lover. As most of the people know that the actor owns a restaurant and now he is expanding interest in business and all set to own a team in the upcoming Box Cricket League. The actor is multitasking as he shoots for a daily soap and sometimes has to look after the restaurant too.

In conversation with us, Nandish talks about his interest in the sport, owning a team and more…

Let’s see what Nandish has to say –

Does cricket interests you?

I was always crazy for cricket since childhood. My parents used to scold me as I used to bunk my classes and my exams to play cricket. I used to play from district level and I was good with batting but I used to opt for balling from my team.

You own a cricket team now and are taking a step forward in the field of business. So what do you have to say about it?

Owning a cricket team gives me a proud feeling as I myself love cricket and today I own a team. But it is a very big responsibility to own a team because you have to make sure that your team have faith in you and doesn’t regret that they have joined my team.

Being an actor if I had to choose a team I will think ten times because that team should have the capability to win? Is it the right team to select? So even these things are with the other actors who chose my team and they must be having lot of expectations from the owner of the team.

I am really lucky to have very good and efficient partners like Ajay Chaudhary, Mrunal Jain and Maniek Soni in our team to make our team better.

What will be your team’s strategy?

My first priory will be to create a good and healthy environment along with the positivity. Winning doesn’t come without strategy and my strategy will be to bring lots of positivity amongst my team members.

I will try to create such an environment where the team mates will feel like it’s their team and they own the team. They should feel satisfied that they have chosen the correct team and enjoy all the aspects. I want to create such an environment where they willingly come and practice for their team. So this is my strategy.

You are taking keen interest on the business aspect these days. As you also own a restaurant named as Gulp Coast so what made you choose this field?

Gulp Coast Restaurant is something that I was always interested in as I did my hotel Management. But I wanted to become an actor simultaneously also wanted to do something in food industry. So I started my restaurant along with my brother. I would say by god’s grace and I was very lucky that I have always got a helping hand. My brother looks after the restaurant and my work becomes easy. I go to restaurant as there are some decisions which have to be taken by me but work is managed by my brother.

As we all know that this industry is quite unpredictable and there are many ups and downs in this industry. Acting was my priority but I didn’t want to waste my hotel management knowledge. So I thought of opening a restaurant which is like a side business.

Being a celeb how will you manage looking after your team, restaurant and shooting?

As it is always said where there is a will there is a way’ if you want to do something you will definitely remove time for that work. I will try my best and put in all my efforts to fulfill all my duties efficiently. I will do my time management where I will be able to give my time equally to all my work.

Will you also encourage the players like a mentor for your team?

We have a very good team where we have very experienced players and also very experienced actors from the industry. More than me my seniors will be the mentor for our team and I will also try to contribute in mentoring as per my knowledge about the cricket.

We wish Nandish all the best for his future endeavors!