Shakti Arora (Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi) is a talented man, who can make the girls go weak in the knees with his witty wordplay and humility. Though we all are smitten by his appearance and grace, the young man once embarrassed himself while trying to impress a girl.

At a special chat session with us, Shakti shared his awkward yet funny confrontation with us.

Eager to know about the encounter? Here we go:

On a certain day, Shakti spotted a gorgeous girl staring at him. Infatuated, Shakti returned his best smile, assuming that it would definitely leave a mark on the pretty lass. But unfortunately, Shakti’s pleasing smile did not go down well with the lady and she gave back a stern look…

Oops, what went wrong?

Let’s hear it directly from the horse’s mouth, “I realized that her gracious gesture was not towards me, but for a young, strong man standing behind me, whom I had not noticed.”


Shakti added, “The lady gave me a strange look and I realized my mistake. I remember it, as it was too embarrassing for me.”

We are quite sure that the lady must be regretting her actions now.