Karishma Tanna has already managed to draw lots of attention from her fellow inmates. Be it Rahul Mahajan, who tried to write Karishma’s name with his blood, or Upen Patel, who re-entered the house to confess his love for Tanna, Karishma has successfully grabbed many eyeballs.

Now, it seems that Mahek Chahal is also impressed with the pretty lady.

In tonight’s episode, while having a conversation with Karishma, Mahek will mention that Karishma is attractive and she would have tried to woo her if she would have been a guy.

Readers, if you are already raising your eyebrows then wait for Karishma’s reaction.

After listening to the compliment, a blushing Tanna will say that she finds it to be a bit weird.

So, weird facts make you shy Karishma?? (wink wink)!!

Mahek will continue to praise Karishma for her looks and dressing sense. And an excited Karishma will be seen going to Upen and telling about Mahek’s compliment. To which, Upen will be seen agreeing to Mahek and will mention that even he likes her.

We wonder whether Upen felt a bit of insecurity thinking about the latest competitor. (wink)

When Karishma will be in the washroom, Mahek will continue to admire her.

It seems that the list of Karishma’s admirer in the show is increasing with each passing day.