It was a pleasure watching Shesha and Shivanya together when Naagin Season 2 went on floor on Colors. But eventually, the two characters drifted away due to their common love interest among many other things.

The show will once again bring the two protagonists together to fight evil, much to our pleasant viewing experience!

Shesha will once again join hands, but this time with Shivangi, Shivanya’s daughter, to fight Mahishasur!

We already know that Shivangi has hidden Mahish’s horn that carries his power and Mahish, in order to get his horn back, tries to blackmail Shivangi by harming Rocky.

In the upcoming episodes, the battle between Shivangi and Mahish will get fierce and this is when the former will receive unexpected help in the form of Shesha!

Shesha will soon get to know that Rocky is missing upon questioning Shivangi. Together, they will join hands and fight Mahish to rescue Rocky.

Stay tuned for more updates!