Sony TV’s Beyhadh (Cinevistaas) has always been ‘hatke’ in its presentation and execution!!

And Maya (Jennifer Winget) has been the ‘unpredictable’ person who would do anything and everything to get her love!! And now that she is all set to walk the aisle with her love, viewers can expect something really unusual and of course, dramatic!!

What can the drama be about?

Well, Beyhadh is apparently edging towards the biggest high point so far, with the first death happening in the show!!

Yes, and that will be of Maya’s father, played by Rajesh Khattar!!


And if sources are to be believed, the death of Ashwin Mehrotra will happen during the wedding.

A credible source tells us, “Ashwin will be shown dead and the visuals leading to it will be dramatic to the core.”

We also hear that it will be none other than Maya who will be responsible for his death.. Having said this, there will be a huge mystery track that will be built over who actually killed him!!

Moving to the wedding ambience, everything about the wedding will be ‘hatke’. One will not get to see the typical flavour of wedding in it. The rituals will have a very unique flavour, and the pheras will have a new element, which will again be a treat to watch.

We buzzed Rajesh Khattar, but could not reach out to him.

We buzzed the channel but did not hear from them.

Watch out as Beyhadh enters into a very tricky zone with the death scenario…