SOL productions newly launched show, Thapki…Pyaar Ki is beautifully depicting the story of a girl who stammers but still keeps herself motivated even after being humiliated by the people around.

As per the current track, Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) has mistakenly damaged the memory chip that Sakshi (Srishti Maheshwari) has given her to take care.

Well in the further episode more drama is going to unfold.

Sakshi will come to know about the chip being damaged and she will inform Druv (Ankit Bathla) about the same. He will be shocked to hear that and will immaculately call for a meeting. Thapki is tensed but at the right time the office boy comes as a savior and tells everybody that the chip has started working. Thapki who will be unaware about the development will be surprised.

Well how the chip got repaired, is a wait and watch game!

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