Alka Kaushal in conversation with us talks about her new journey with Colors’ show Swaragini

Vetaran actress Alka Kaushal has always left a strong impact on the viewers by whichever character she has played on-screen. This time the audience are going to see her in a completely new attire with Colors’ new show Swaragini.

Lets hear what Alka Kaushal has to say about her character, the concept of the show and a lot more…

This character is really strong: Yes it is a very strong character, I think its a privelage for me to do a character like this. Normally all my characters are strong but this one is something different. I think I am going to enjoy it a lot as it has many layers. She behaves differently at home and she is a different person when she fights with her neighbour.

I am going to develop my character gradually: I am trying to, I have few of my freinds who are Marwadi and who are settled in Kolkata. I will keep on making improvisations and developments in my character as the time passes by.

We had a very good time in Kolkata: It was a very stressfull schedule in terms of the amount of work that had to be done. I think the producers did a marvellous job, we completed the entire schedule in a limited period of time. We shot in famous places of Kolkata, it was a nice expereince to sit in a tram for the first time. I think all the scenes which we have shot in Kolkata will make the show look more beautiful.

I have given my 100% to every character that I have played onscreen, I cannot chosse one favorite character: I love my job, which is to mold myself in whichever character I play. How would a mother choose between her kids that who is the best, all my characters are like my kids and I put in lot of efforts to essay each character.

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is a very good production house: I haven’t workes with Rashmi Sharma earlier, this is the first time. She is very dedicated and it is a well organized production house.

I want the show to run for the longest span of time : Swaragini is a different concept, the way the story will develop will surely grab the audience’ attention. The graph of all the characters is going to shape up very well. I want the show to run for the longest time, I am assuming that this character will definately give me enjoyment and fun. People are going to love the show and hopefully my character will also leave a powerful impact on the viewers.