Loyal viewers of Life OK’s daily Kalash (Balaji Telefilms) have already witnessed Nivi (Seema Mishra) troubling poor Devika (Aparna Dixit).

Now, it’s time to turn the table.

Yes, with the revenge drama kick starting in Kalash, Devika will now insult the cunning lady Nivi.

Our source shares, “While Nivi will get irked with Devika for freeing Monty from the jail, Devika on the other hand will start defaming Nivi. As the media will arrive at Nivi’s place, Nivi will try to protect her image by stating that someone is falsely spreading rumours about her. On this note the journalists will ask her to reveal whether the news of Nivi being bankrupt is true or not. This will shock Nivi to the core.”

Well done Devika!!! This lady for sure knows how to take revenge.

We hope Devika and Ravi (Krrip Suri) reunite soon.

Aparna however remained unavailable for a comment.