Holy Moly…exactly are the thoughts of the cast and crew of Life OK’s show Baawre.

Hardly three months into its airing, the serial has been axed, chopped and hacked by the channel.

As per media reports, Baawre will air its last episode on 5 September.

But any guesses why the channel decided to pull it off in such a short span of time? Any idea?

Well the good old nasty TRP guy gave no show to this show.

Lack of numbers and a not so impressive plot and cast spelt doom for Baawre, as per an industry expert. But still, we think three months pretty less time to judge the flow and success of any television project.

The channel could have shown more faith in the story (if no faith, then why launch it at all), and pressed the accelerator on marketing.

Anyways, what’s gone, is gone!!!

Its creator Sudhir Sharma from Sunshine Productions shared in a chat with us: “The channel and the production house wanted to experiment with something different and it was surely a beautiful one. And it’s definitely not viable for both if the ratings are not coming and hence the plug was pulled off. But we are happy and satisfied with the experience and have surely learnt a lot. Although not entirely but yes, the time slot (7pm) was definitely a big reason for the low ratings, but we need to experiment and try different shows or else TV will never change. We will surely get back with something interesting very soon.”

We sure you will Sudhir…energy to you!!!

Lead Akhlaque Khan aka Azam said, “It surely was disappointing when the news came to us but then life moves on. It was a great experience working with such a talented team and I must say we all got to learn a lot. I will sorely miss working with my Baawre cast and crew.”

Sad…but keep the ball rolling young man!!!

Well, if still anyone is interested to know what’s going to dish out in the coming episodes, read on.

We have earlier reported about Yamini (Vinita Joshi Thakkar) realising her love for Nikumb (Abhishek Rawat) and the latest news is that Nikumb too will realise the same. Too much realisation, we say.

Moving on, Yamini proposed to Nikumb but he declined her proposal saying that he wasn’t ready for love however now he will express his love for her in a heroic way.

Nikumb will break into Yamini’s room through her window and say the three golden words ‘I Love You’.

Indeed a romantic beginning…for the couple not the show…it’s ending as we said.

We have further learnt that given the sudden off air development, the creatives are yet to chalk out the ending plot. But we bet it’s going to be a happy ending, like always!!!

It is also being said that Balaji Telefilms’ upcoming starring Sonali Bendre in most probability will replace Baawre, but we cannot confirm the development at the moment.

All our efforts to reach out to Channel Head, Ajit Thakur proved futile.