Star Plus’ Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will bring about a huge revelation with regards to the track of Nayya (Pratibha Tiwari).

As per the ongoing track, the girl has been creating a storm in the house by secretively urging Meera (Tanya Sharma) to get the adoption papers of Priyal signed by Shravan (Kunal Singh) and Vidya (Sonam Lamba).

In the upcoming track, Nayya will be seen getting intimate with a person by name Prakash. As per reports, the character of Prakash will be played by Harsh Rajput, who was last seen in Janbaaz Sindbad.

And here will come the huge revelation!! And that will be of Nayya NOT being a widow in reality!!

Yes, you heard it right!!

As per credible sources, “Prakash will actually be Nayya’s real husband who would have survived the accident that would have happened at the hands of Shravan years back. The truth will be that Prakash’s parents would have utilized their son’s health condition (coma) and would have faked his death to gain huge sum of insurance.”

In the track ahead, viewers will get a first jolt when they will see the guy getting closer to Nayya. Prakash will also come into the household as their driver.

Is Nayya aware of the truth? Are they hand in hand in the entire game plan?

We tried calling the actors concerned, but did not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates…