The Life OK show is gearing up for loads and loads of drama.

Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha, is gearing up for lots of drama as Noori (Pooja Banerjee) and Shankhachurna/ Rajveer (Mrunal Jain) are all set to get married.

In the current track, Astika (Nikitin Dheer) is trying his level best to make Arjun realize his ‘naag’ powers, so that he can fulfill the prophecy of Nagarjun, ‘the ultimate warrior’. But Shankhachurna, his second son, wants to kill his step-brother Arjun (Anshuman Malhotra) so that he can become the ‘Nagarjun’ and rule over the ‘naag lok’.

Just to make the ongoing track more interesting, makers have roped in actress Abigail Pandey to play the role of Arjun’s childhood friend Tina. Tina’s entry will add new dimensions to the storyline.

According to our sources, Abigail has already begun shooting for the show and her entry has been scheduled to air sometime next week.
We tried contacting the actress but could not reach her.