Mrunal Jain has had an eventful stint with the successful show on Colors’ Uttaran. With the show produced by Film Farm India completing 1500 episodes, Mrunal has a satisfied feeling of being part of the show.

Recollecting his initial days on the show, Mrunal told us, “I feel really great with Uttaran completing1500 episodes. I joined the journey on the show half way through, but I never felt I came in midway. Everyone on the set makes me feel that I have been a part of it since the beginning. Very few shows get the opportunity of reaching this level and I am lucky to be part of the show.”

Talking on his character growth with the passage of time, Mrunal explained, “From the start, there has always been a graph in my character, and my character has brought in many twists in the story line. Aakash has always had quite a lot to play with, in the story. I never get bored of playing Aakash, as this character goes through varied emotions.”

Mrunal recollects his best takes on the set of Uttaran. “The fight that Aakash indulged in with Mr. Rathore has to be the pick of the scenes. Also, I like the scene where I get into an argument with my mom and she goes to the extent of cutting her hair