Being a star in her own right, the Laut Aao Trisha actress Bhagyashree Patwardhan had to miss on a lot of fun as a child.

In a conversation with us, she reveals about the things she missed as a youngster.

“When you’re born in a royal family, you’re always expected to behave in a particular manner. There are always do’s and don’ts and that implied on to me. I always had to dress-up in a particular manner,” confesses the artist.

She further goes on to add, “I wasn’t allowed to go to disco, dandia, lunch or dinner. I never ever had a New Year night in my growing up days, so it was tough.”

How did they allow you for movies? “That came as a very big surprise for me too. I was so thankful to them for letting me work on Maine Pyaar Kiya. That film is the only reason why I feel like a princess even today. I have received so much love and appreciation, and I continue to get it till this day because of Maine Pyaar Kiya.”

You’re indeed one special woman, Bhagyashree!!