Sony Entertainment Television’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar (Balaji Telefilms) is keeping the audience glued to their television screens with interesting twists and turns. From the sangeet performances to the upcoming nuptials, audience is in for a high dose of entertainment and drama. The upcoming sequence will now bring in a new turn in Neil (Ronit Roy) and Ragini’s (Pallavi Kulkarni) relationship.

It will so happen that the entire family will come together to celebrate Holi. While lighting the holika, Ragini will be lost in her own thoughts about Neil. Unaware, her saree will catch fire while performing the puja and Ragini, distracted by her thoughts, will not realize it. Neil who will be around Ragini during the accident, will run to her rescue and help extinguish the fire.

However, Ragini will end up getting hurt as her hand will burn due to the fire. A panicked Neil will shout at Aman (Darshan Pandya) for not taking good care of Ragini leading to an argument between the two!

How will this affect Neil and Ragini’s relationship, to find out stay tuned to Itna Karo Na… or better read this space.