Sony TV’s Itti Si Khushi to come up with an interesting sequence!

Director’s Kut Production has definitely given a refreshing concept to the audience to watch. Popular actors Smiriti Kalra and Anuj Sachdev are doing a commendable job in Sony TV’s Itti Si Khushi.

As Diwali is round the corner you will get to watch shows either celebrating Diwali or making preparations for it. One such show which is all set for Diwali is Itti Si Khushi which is busy in the Diwali preparations.

In the last few episodes viewers have seen that all the family members are busy with the preparations of Akku’s marriage. Akansha (Heena Parmar), Gayatri (Amardeep Jha) and Neha go for shopping of sarees and ring.

Neha’s naughtiness climbs up when rangoli colors spoil Aman’s shirt.

Our source says, “In the upcoming episode the audience will get to watch some fun and light moments between Aman and Neha. When Neha makes Rangoli for Diwali, Aman reaches there to help her as she being childish and naive girl. But due to her behavior, she ends up destroying the rangoli and throws rangoli color on Aman. So the situation seemed like they are celebrating holi instead of Diwali.”