Neha makes Aman realize his forgotten dreams in Sony TV’s popular show Itti Si Khushi.

While it has been revealed in front of Neha (Smriti Kalra) that Aman (Anuj Sachdeva) could not live up to his dream of becoming a cricketer in Rajan Shahi’s popular show Itti Si Khushi on Sony TV, Neha is shocked to know about Aman’s shattered dreams.

In the forthcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will get to see how Neha will motivate Aman to live up to his dreams of playing cricket.

Our source informed us, “After Neha is shocked to learn that Aman is not a professional cricketer, she shows him the ball which she had kept with her to take Aman’s autograph on it when he will become a famous cricketer. Aman gets shocked to see the ball with Neha and gets touched to see how Neha still has the ball with her. Neha tells Aman that it doesn’t matter anymore and she leaves from there with a teary eyed telling him that she would like to get Aman’s passion back out of all the things she wants to get back from past.”

“Neha’s words touched Aman’s heart and he takes out an old bat forgetting all the promises he made to Gayatri (Amardeep Jha) for not playing cricket. Gayatri sees Aman holding the bat and she leaves from there. Feeling that Gayatri is upset now, Aman starts packing his bat Neha’s words doesn’t let him do so,” adds our source.

What will Aman do now? Will he live up to his dreams or keep his promise?

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