An interesting track coming up soon in Sony TV’s popular show Itti Si Khushi amid Diwali celebrations.

Diwali is being celebrated with full zeal and zest in Rajan Shahi’s popular show Itti Si Khushi on Sony TV.

Now in the forthcoming tracks of the show, we will see that accidently Neha (Smriti Kalra) will come to know about Aman’s (Anuj Sachdeva) feeling for her.

We heard from our source that, “While everyone is happily celebrating Diwali with full enthusiasm, Neha too will be happily doing Diwali decorations and decorating her Gharonda. While Neha will be enjoying having an ice-cream near her Gharonda, Aman comes there. He mistakes Neha to be Aku from the back and he says that – Aj main tumhe apne dil ki baat bata dena chahta hun.”

Further, we also heard that, “Later, Aman also tells her that he is in love with Neha while he assumes her to be Aku.”

Now, it would be quite interesting for the viewers to watch as how will Neha react to Aman’s words.