The show will be airing its last episode in August..

One of the pivotal shows for Zee TV, ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’ was launched with an unusual concept about God and mankind. Very few expected it to be a success in the run.

However, barring all odds, the show went on to become a success and garnered appreciation. But, justifying the old saying of ‘all good things come to an end’, the show is now all set to go off-air.

After a successful run of two years, the show will be going off-air in August. The cast will stop shooting at the end of April, having a bank of episodes to be telecasted.

We contacted the lead of the show, actor Rajesh Kumar, who said, “It was a decision that was thought through, and the thing is that we are just going to stop shooting at the end of this month. But, the show will be airing till August, where it will also complete two years. I am surely going to miss the show, as it has been a wonderful experience.”

On being asked about the favorite moments during shoots, he said, “Well, the best moments have been about the place where we shoot; we painted the walls of our make-up rooms to have a more clean and tasteful sight. We knew that we will be spending 13-14 hours a day there so we made it a delight to stay at. I hope the place stays as earthy to others who take it over and make the best of it.”

About any particularly favourite scene, he said, “My entry scene surpasses all the other scenes as my favourite scene. I replaced the great, Yashpal Ji (Yashpal Sharma) in the role, and my entry included me getting bathed with water and milk, so I felt nothing less than Lord Shiva.”

About future projects, he said, “Currently, I am taking a break for a month-month and a half and then I will be taking on any offers. I need the industry and hopefully, the industry will need me too (laughs).”

We wish the cast of the show, All The Best for other endeavours and we will surely miss the show..!