Nadini is conspiring against Veer and the viewers will witness an interesting twist in the upcoming episodes of Tumhari Paakhi.

The ongoing conspiracy sequence of Tumhari Paakhi is becoming more intriguing day by day which is keeping the viewers hooked to the show.

As per the ongoing episodes the viewers have witnessed that Veer keeps a loaded revolver in his drawer. Jiji (Surbhi Tiwari) and Nandini (Sharmilee Raj) spot him with a revolver and decide to tell the same to Paakhi that something is wrong with Veer (Varun Badola) and he is trying to attempt a suicide but Paakhi doesn’t believe on them.

Now a high voltage drama will be soon seen in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Our source says, “Paakhi gets an intuition that Nandini is behind all the plotting for Veer’s murder. Nandini goes to the market leaving her phone back at home, Paakhi checks her phone and finds out that she has not gone to the market and she is hiding something. To know the fact she chases Nandini and finds that she is giving an envelope to someone. When Paakhi gets to know that she is lying and the guy is her boyfriend and she was seen giving a love letter to him. Whereas the truth is that she gives money in that envelope.”

Our source further adds that, “Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) will stop Veer to drink the milk because she feels that Badi jiji has drugged the milk, Paakhi has been trying to find the culprit and now Ria (Jasmine Avasia) will also join her to find out the person who wants to kill Veer.”

Will Paakhi succeed in saving Veer?

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