Life OK’s Nadaan Parinde, produced by Scaling Heights Productions has recently gotten a new lease of life with the channel deciding to give an extension to the show, rather than ending it. As reported, the show was to shut on 5 September. However, the decision was revoked by the channel.

Now the cast and crew of the show had a whale of a time celebrating the completion of 100 episodes in Chandigarh. All of them assembled on set to cut the cake, and celebrate the moment. And for the Producers Imtiaz Punjabi and Chokkas Bhaardwaj, the moment was indeed very special as their dream of making a realistic show in Chandigarh, far away from the comfort of shooting in Mumbai came true with the first milestone being achieved.

A source from the set said, “The entire cast and crew was seen enjoying the moment. They cut a cake and rejoiced. However, lead actor Nikkhil Chaddha and Co-Producer Chokkas Bhaardwaj’s absence was notable. Nikkhil happened to be on leave, as he had some personal work in Mumbai. Chokkas too could not make it to Chandigarh as he was busy in a project of his in Mumbai.”

When contacted, Nikkhil told us, “Yes, I had some important work in Mumbai, so was on a leave when the team celebrated the completion of 100 episodes. It is a great feeling to have completed 100 episodes, as I take with me a lot of cherished memories.”

Gulki told us, “It is a great feeling, as this show has given me memories of a lifetime. Shooting away from home in Chandigarh, I have made a new home for myself. The story ahead looks very interesting with a lot od spice added.”

We could not get through to Karam Rajpal.

We wish the show all the luck!!