Life OK’s Ek Boond Ishq will soon gear up with the most awaited sequenc where MJ will regain his memory.

Life OK’s popular show Ek Boond Ishq will showcase the most awaited track where Mrityunjay (Viraf Phiroz Patel) will regain his memory after Tara’s struggle. As seen in the previous episodes, MJ who is known as Baali has lost his memory and is safeguarding Tara (Chhavi Pandey) by becoming her body guard to shield her. However, Omkar (Ankur Nayyar) is unaware about Baali being MJ and he is Tara’s husband.

Omkar comes to know the truth that MJ and Tara are husband and wife. So when MJ meets with an accident and Omkar can only be his savior as he is one of the best surgeons. Omkar agrees to operate him only one condition that if Tara agrees to leave MJ and continues to live with Omkar as his wife Sia.

Now what will happen when MJ gains consciousness?

As per our source, “When MJ will gain consciousness, he will regain his memory. He will immediately rush to meet Tara at Agnihotri house to take his wife back. But when MJ will reach at the Agnihotri house and ask Tara to come along with him, she will deny and tell MJ that she is now Omkar’s wife Sia and not his wife Tara.”

“MJ will be shock to hear this and later he will be thrown out of the house. He will stay near their house as he will not be able to understand that why Tara is lying and on the other hand Tara will thank Omkar for saving MJ’s life but will be in tears as she cannot go back to her husband whom she loves so much.” adds the source.

What will MJ do to get his wife back? Will Tara go back to MJ?

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