Aficionados of Indian television got a shocker when their much loved ‘beta’ Karan Mehra, who played the role of Naitik in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta, threw in the towel and waved goodbye to the show.

Talented actor Vishal Singh walked in as the replacement and since then has been driving the plot with Hina Khan aka Akshara

However, the loyal audience of the show continues to have character affinity towards Karan, and we buzzed the thespian to learn more on his life post Yeh Rishta.

“I have been travelling and spending time with my wife (Nisha Rawal) and family. I have been living those moments which I have always wanted to but could not due to busy schedule. I am taking care of my health and just relaxing.”

Sounds cool!!!

So in time to come, is there a chance for him to return to Yeh Rishta? “Well, I have moved on, so there is no question of coming back.”

That settles the query!!!

Is he in touch with Yeh Rishta co-stars? “Yes, they do call me and we keep chatting every now and then.”

Furthermore, this ‘revelation’ of Karan will leave you shocked. We asked him if he watches Yeh Rishta?

“Frankly speaking, even when I was a part of the show, I never followed it. I keep busy, so I don’t get time to watch.”

His take on Vishal as his replacement?

“Well, replacement was bound to happen. I got to know about it well in advance. When you know that you have to move on then why crib about it. It’s better to focus on something else.”

Has your relationship with producer Rajan Shahi ended on a good note? “Well, nobody would want their actors to quit the show. It has ended on a fine note.”