Oh boy! He is smoking hot and sexy! The very charming and stylish Siddhant Karnik grabbed eyeballs with popular television sitcoms like Remix, Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani, Mahi Way, Rishta.com, Aasmaan Se Aage and is currently seen in the popular Life OK show Gustakh Dil.

In conversation with us, the stunning actor shares some interesting fashion tips with our readers. Take a look.

Fashion is…

Fashion is anything you are comfortable in

Who chooses your clothes?

I choose my clothes.

Do you wear accessories?

I do. I have a collection of wrist bands that my fans from London send me every year. And I love wearing them.

Do you follow any brands?

It all depends on what I am looking for. I think the Zara collection suits my personality best. It is sober, subtle and classy.

Favourite shopping destination?

My cousin’s wardrobe. He has worked as a VJ with Channel V and has a spectacular choice of clothes.

Your most expensive buy?

This was when I was in Florence, Italy. I bought a belt with a Versace logo that cost me around €200. But my most expensive till date is my BMW bike.

Clothes you are comfortable in?

I am most comfortable in the clothes that I picked from Goa. They are loose comfy cotton clothes which give me a hippie kinda look.

Must have in your wallet?

Money, cards and a condom

Your Favourite perfume?

The Fougère perfume collection for men.

Describe sale in one word?

It is never ending. A classic example being Linking Road in Bandra. They have sale all around the year!

Currently your wardrobe is overflowing with?

I love bike riding and have a craze for bike riding apparel and protection kits. I recently bought two Dainese racing suits. They are extremely heavy and my wardrobe is literally overflowing with it.

You have had the hardest time getting dressed for?

I have the hardest time dressing up for work. Because I hardly wear those clothes for like an hour, i.e. just the travelling bit of it. So I have a difficult time picking up clothes for work. I cannot really go dressed up in formals nor can I walk in with my clubwear.

Any fashion disaster you have come across recently?

There was this one incident that scarred me for life, I was young back then and had been to a water park. People dressed in swimming costumes only were allowed to go on slides. There was an aunty who rented a swimming costume. It was light green in color with polka dots. She wore it on the purple salwar kameez she was wearing inside. I still get nightmares when I think about it.

If you had to choose a fashion era; which period would it be?

It would be the cave man’s era- when nobody wore clothes. You never really had the stress of picking the right clothes or being a style icon!