The recently launched show is set to go off-air soon after a run of six months..

The show, ‘Mohi-Ek Khwab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani’ did create a stir when it was launched back in August 2015, however for unwanted reasons.

The various replacements taking place, the lead actress, Vinita Joshi Thakkar being displeased with the production house and Asha Negi walking out of the show after being finalised are some of the many instances.

According to a leading news daily, the show is set to go off-air next month owing to poor ratings.

We contacted the lead actor of the show, Karan Sharma, who confessed to us, “I have no idea whatsoever about the show ending. I haven’t received any message from the production house or anyone else about it.”

He added, “I was surprised to read the news myself, as nothing of similar nature has been notified to me as of yet. There must be some truth to it, as it is there in the news everywhere, but I don’t know what’s the status of the show.”