Viewers to witness separation drama in Hum Hain Na!

With all the ups and downs happening in Mishra family and after knowing the truth of Swara’s action, in the upcoming episodes we will see Babuji blaming Ammaji for spoiling the daughters of the house and Ammaji blaming him for the spoilt sons.

Ammaji also tells him that without women, men cannot do any household chores or stay alone at all.

In this heated argument of who is superior to whom , Babuji divides the family into 2 and tells Ammaji that he will prove her that men too can stay without women. Ammaji asks all the women of the house to come on her side and at the same time taunts Babuji that in half a day they will come to know how difficult it is to stay without a women.

Saagarika who is standing besides Bunty follows Ammaji’s instructions and goes on the women’s side with a heavy heart. In this conflict, for the first time Bunty and Saagarika will be seen sleeping separately.

Will the drift between the family , create a drift between Bunty and Saagarika?