Mishal Raheja talks about his character in the upcoming show Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Read on to find out more….

Television’s popular actor Mishal Raheja is back yet again with a new show on television titled Ishq Ka Rang Safed on Colors.

We take this opportunity to grill the actor about his upcoming role and what made him take it up. Read on to find out more….

Tell us about your character?

I am playing the character of Viplav who is a very naughty guy. For the first time I am getting to play something that I have wanted to do. He is a big mastikhor who has come back to Banaras from Delhi after completing his graduation and now wants to go to abroad for further studies. The time which he has got in Banaras, he wants to make most of it. In this period he meets Dhani and drama builds up. There will be a change in his character as he will become the quaint essential Indian hero.

Why do you opt for show?

I have always selected shows in which the character has layers and there is scope for performance. Viplav is one such character and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Do you relate yourself with the character?

Yes I absolutely relate myself with the character. Viplav is always running behind girls and even Mishal does the same thing (laughs). The only difference is that girls are also running behind Viplav but not running behind Mishal.

Eisha is doing a debut with this show, so how was your experience working with a new comer. Do you give advice to her?

Yes she is new and I believe that she has got a pleasant face and a beautiful voice. I think that audience will really like her and the best part is that there lots of scope for the improvement in her. I give her advice whenever she asks.

Do you think that the show will be able to grab the attention of the audience with this concept?

I think yes because I have heard that even today in our country there are many NGOs and aashrams where these kind of ladies who are restricted from leading a normal lifestyle. I personally feel that it is not right because I believe that at the end of the day, a normal man needs peace of mind for which you need a companion. So if a lady is a widow then I don’t this its her fault and so she has all the right to get another companion in life.

Have you done any preparation for the dialect?

Fortunately my chauffeur who is there with me from past 26 years and is like a second father to me, is from UP. He is the one whom I have spend maximum time since childhood as he used to take me to school, bring me back home an because of that since childhood I have always learnt Bhojpuri language. I have been lucky to get that dialect from him which made it easier for me to use it in the show.

Are you all excited to watch your favorite actor Mishal Raheja is different avtaar?