Doctor to demand a sum of 1 Lakh to treat dengue struck Bablu…

The upcoming episode of ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’ on Zee TV will soon witness Bablu being detected with dengue and the worried family members sacrificing their morals for saving his life!

While Bablu is hospitalized, Mirza’s wife, a nurse in the same hospital will be stalked by a patient, who will be ready to give her anything on the condition of accepting his advances. Initially in denial, she will later give in when the doctor will communicate about Bablu’s condition being very serious and that the life-saving injection would cost them Rs. 1 Lakh!

Our source informs, “Bobby will learn about Mirza’s wife responding positively to the patient’s advances and will feel indebted towards her. How will Mirza’s wife get rid of the patient? Will she betray her husband? This is something the viewers have to wait and watch!”

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