Gear up for the high voltage in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Shastri Sisters..

As per the current, Anu and Rajat reach the police station on being informed by Alka about Rohan being arrested. In the meantime, Kajal gives Devyani the prasad for Anu as requested by Minti. Elsewhere, Alka tells Aastha to tell the truth about Rohan. Later, Anu and Devyani try to convince Alka to be strong. Meanwhile, Minti shares her concerns about Rajat with Kajal.

Now in it’s upcoming twist, Anu and Rajat will come back. Devyani will tell Rajat that she has prasad and now they can check. Kajal will play emotional card with Minty and Sareen.

Kajal will come to Shastri house to check whether Anu had prasad or not. Devyani will tell Kajal that Anu already had prasad. Next morning, Rajat will take Rohan out from lockup. Devyani and Anu will go to hotel for proofs. Devyani and Anu will not get any proofs there..

Devyani and Anu will try to give bribe to waiter but he does’t tell anything to them.. Aastha will watch all this from distance. Here Minty will handover house keys to Kajal…..