Life OK’s Gustakh Dil (Ravi Ojha Productions) has churned out an interesting track where Laajo’s abilities have been put to test by Barkha (Meghna Malik). And of course, Laajo will give in her best to prove that she is talented as an individual.

Wondering how?

While Laajo (Sana Amin Sheikh) has been seen gearing up for the competition, she will face a number of obstacles before she would achieve her goal.

Laajo will be seen shaking a leg on Leja Leja Re from a musical album. But during this event, she will not only hurt herself but will also learn that Mili (daughter of SK played by Siddhant Karnick) has been kidnapped and will try her best to find her whereabouts.

Will Laajo abandon the competition to find the girl leaving her and SK’s (Siddhant Karnick) reputation at stake?

Of what we hear, despite numerous obstacles, Laajo will go ahead to perform for the final round of the competition while SK will search for his daughter, Mili. Here Ratri (Leena Jumani) will be seen performing on Kamli, the Bollywood song from Dhoom 3. And after the face-off between Laajo and Ratri, Laajo will emerge as the winner.

Also, Nikhil (Vibhav Roy) will be seen getting stuck in a situation involving drug dealing and despite the police investigations and the upsetting circumstances, he will attend the competition to cheer his love Laajo.

We got in touch with Sana Amin Sheikh who said, “Both the songs are my favourites and I thoroughly enjoyed performing on it. With regards to the track there will be a lot of tension brewing due to the obstacles posed by Barkha and Ratri.”

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