Dhara to burst out on Mihir for making false allegations…

With Dhara (Anuja Sathe) and Diwakar’s friendship getting stronger and stronger on the show Tamanna, Mihir (Vishal Gandhi) will start feeling jealous. Because of that he will start accusing his wife Dhara of having relation with Diwakar.

In the upcoming episode, Mihir will be angry on seeing Diwakar giving so much of attention to Dhara. Mihir gets angrier when Diwakar left office early by giving him extra work and goes to meet Dhara.

On the other hand, where Diwakar is impressed with the way Dhara handled his son and encouraged him to play cricket, he will be unaware about Mihir being unsecured.

Mihir accuses Dhara and stops her from coaching Diwakar’s son. However, she will now break her silence and burst out on Mihir for making cheap allegations towards her.

What will happen next? Stay tuned to know more…

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