The show is set to see a new entry..

The show ‘Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai’ has managed to earn widespread critical acclaim and a lot of appreciation since its launch.

With the current track progressing and actress Amrita Rao to finally appear in the show, the show is set to undergo a major development in the coming days.

The show which sports a stellar ensemble cast will soon a new entry in the form of Praveena Deshpande.

The actress is best known for her roles in shows like ‘Kumkum’ and ‘Choker Bali’.

According to sources, she will portraying the role of Nargis Mistry, Saurabh’s (Rituraj Singh) mother. And she will be seen having a great relationship with her daughter-in-law, Ketki (Aditi Vasudev).

The fans of the show certainly can’t wait for this exciting track to be followed..!