From concept to storytelling, from set designing to costumes, from performances to cinematography and direction, Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai takes you on a different ride…

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai

Monday to Friday at 8 PM on &TV

Produced By: Nivedita Basu (The House of Originals)

Cast: Amrita Rao, Aditi Vasudev, Deepti Naval, Zarina Wahab, Pallavi Joshi.

About the show: ‘Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan hai’ grips the audience with the journey of two sisters Kalyani and Ketki, who have a special inclination towards music and are just magical at it. Just like any other sibling relation, Kalyani and Ketki too share the same sister like bond but as time will pass, they will turn foe to each other, depicting the tagline of the show – ‘Suron se judi behne aakhir kyun hui parayi?’…

Story so far: The show begins from featuring the older version of Kalyani (Deepti Naval) and Ketki (Zarina Wahab)- The soul sisters, who have turned rival to each other, being called for an interview at the same time and at the same place. On the other hand, their mother Devika (Pallavi Joshi) is being interviewed and the story of the show starts progressing in the flashback mode where Devika is seen revealing details about the life of her daughters Kalyani and Ketki.

She shares how her family was going through a severe financial crisis back then and the situation compelled them on selling off their musical academy ‘Rang Sangeet’ for the betterment of their future, which her husband Rajaram (Bhanu Uday) and the family never wanted to. They hail from a traditional Marathi family who hold a passion for traditional music. Rajaram plays a perfect mentor to his daughters for making them well versed with the art of music.

The younger brother of Kalyani and Ketki, Kanishk (Aryan Jain) is not keeping well and that’s a matter of worry for the family and hence Rajaram, not knowing that happiness is waiting for him, decides to sell his music academy. Rajaram’s friend Souraabh (Ritu Raj Singh) then comes into the picture as a Saviour to him and helps Rajaram to meet a big music producer and eventually, happiness returns in the family as now they don’t need to sell off Rang Sangeet . The family is currently happily preparing for the big day when Rajaram is to perform at his Rang Sangeet but destiny has something else in store for the family…

What works: While we are living in a generation where the traditional music is getting faded away slowly, Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai revives it once again by focusing on the traditional musical art. The show is also bringing back the charm of the retro era with its musical way of storytelling.

The show has roped in big names from Bollywood fraternity that has already been creating a lot of buzz around. Bollywood star Amrita Rao is making her TV debut with the show as Kalyani while ‘Do Dooni Chaar’ fame Aditi Vasudev will be seen as Ketki. Veteran actresses Deepti Naval and Zarina Wahab are seen as the older version of Kalyani and Ketki respectively. Renowned actress Salma Agha too is making her TV debut with this show. The kids Jannat Zubair Rahmani and Mehnaz Mann as young Kalyani and Ketki are already stealing hearts of the audience with their flawless performances while Kanishk aka Aryan Jain steals the show with his naive cuteness. The power packed performances by Bhanu Uday as Rajaram, Pallavi Joshi as Devika and Suhita Thatte as Aaji are adding a boost to the acting quotient of the show.

A lot of stories have been told earlier, having a backdrop of music but what sets this one apart is an effort to take the audience back to the charm of the Golden era of music and towards the traditional art, which is somewhere losing its importance. The simplicity of the storytelling with no over the top drama, the costumes, the set designing, the revival of the Indian traditional music based on the backdrop of a simple Marathi family gives us a breathe of fresh air among the shows having a backdrop of lavish sets with the families leading a high class lifestyle. Our special applaud goes to the camera and cinematography department for giving out some breathtaking shots by using new cinematography techniques and truly giving it a look and feel of a movie.

What doesn’t work: Its been a week and the show has been quite appreciated by the audience around and no doubt its hard to point out the flaws because it stands out different from the platter which is currently being served to the audience on the small screen. With no ingredients of a Fairy tale like romantic saga in the story line or the show and no lavishness of set, heavy jewellery or costumes, and over the top spicy drama, its little challenging for the makers to attract that group of audience who are used of watching such tales on screen but we would say that this is what makes the show different and it is successfully attracting all group of audience towards it.

Our Take: Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai, a finite series of 130 episodes is definitely a must watch if you have been waiting for some different content on television for quite a long time with no melodrama. The story gives you a feel of a movie, yet maintaining its simplicity. With big stars having roped in for the show, you will surely get a treat of watching some marvellous performances. This musical saga will surely make you fall in love with the traditional musical era all over again. Having too much of buzz created with its tagline – ‘Suron se judi behnein kyu hui parayi?’ the curiosity level of the audience has already been raised and now we look forward to the show to get an answer to this!