The mystery just got more mysterious as not one but several suspects come to the forefront

In the last episode of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Shikhar throw a lavish sangeet party and invite family and friends. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) starts the functions with his and Ritika’s (Smriti Khanna) performance. Seeing them together makes Ishani uncomfortable and she walks out for some space; RV follows her and they both share a moment and they both dance seductively. But it all turns out to be just in their heads.

In the next episode, Ishani’s attacker who tried to run her over with a car earlier tries to attack her again. This time he unscrews the chandelier and tries to drop it on her, but RV sees him at the moment and jumps to rescue Ishani. He saves Ishani and then Shikhar and he runs to catch the attacker. When Ritika sees RV’s concern for his ex-wife, she gets irked and walks out of the party. Ritika is fed up of RV constant nature to go back to Ishani and attempt to be a part of his ex-wife’s life that he ignores her in the process. Ritika decides that now she has to stop being nice and if she wants RV then she will get him by hook or by crook.

She drags RV back home, but when he gets a call regarding the attacker, he leaves Ritika and rushes to find out more about the culprit. RV comes to know that Devarsh (Anmol Parnami) is the one who hired the attacker and is actually the one behind killing Ishani’s mother as well. Armed with this information he goes to Ishani’s house and meets Devarsh there. He accuses of Devarsh of killing Ishani’s mother and attempting to take his ex-wife’s life and beats him up. Ishani who trusts her brother intervenes and asks RV to back off and stay away from her personal issues.

Shikhar then takes Ishani to the prison where they try to extract the truth from the attacker who was caught. The truth he reveals shocks Ishani, but will she believe him? Will Ishani put her mother’s killer behind bars? Will Ishani be safe from her attacker now? Guess we’ll soon find out.