Like we told you earlier, the couple is finally coming back together

In the recent episodes of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishani (Radhika Madan) figures out that her mother’s death was not an accident, in fact it was a calculated murder. Ishani tells Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) that her mother was murdered and the onus of proving who the killer is is on them.

In the next episode, Shikhar organises a masquerade sangeet party where Ishani comes dressed in a red hot dress and Shikhar wears a black tie suit. Just before the party, RV (Shakti Arora) rescues Ishani from being hit by a speeding car. They share a moment but Ranveer snaps out of it and he walks back in to the party.

During the party, Shikhar and Ishani indulge in some romantic dances, which makes Ranveer extremely jealous. Even though Ishani is physically present at the party, her mind is elsewhere. Ranveer also experiences the same thing and that’s when he realises that no matter how hard he tries he can never forget that he will always love only Ishani. In the party, someone tries to kill Ishani, but RV rescues her in the nick of time.

No one realises this but RV is shocked to know that someone wants Ishani dead. He decides to never leave her side and to keep loving her. But he also makes up his mind to never express it until Ishani says that she loves him too.

Will Ranveer figure out who wants to harm the love of his life? Will the boys find out the person behind the attack? Will the secret come out? Stay tuned to find out.