Meethi (Tina Dutta) is away from her husband and family somewhere in Pakistan on Colors’ Uttaran (FilmFarm India), in hope of getting back home someday.
So will she get back home?

As seen so far, Asgar (Krip Suri) has assured his family on Meethi’s arrival back home (India) but he hasn’t revealed his real intentions to them.

Is sources are to be believed Asgar wants to take Meethi will him to India, simply to save his men from militants. In fact, he will also have plans of making her a live bomb.

So, does he manage to walk the talk?

‘No’ say our sources. Though Asgar will leaves his house in Pakistan with Meethi, he will fail to cross the border courtesy the heavy security. So, both Meethi and Asgar will return to the latter’s residence in Pakistan.

We tried contacting Tina but she remained unavailable for comment.