Colors’ popular show Uttaran to witness an interesting twist in its upcoming tracks.

Film Farm’s Uttaran on Colors’ is witnessing an interesting twists and turns ever since Meethi meets with an accident and reaches to Pakistan.

In the forthcoming tracks of the show, some high voltage drama is waiting for the viewers according to which Meethi (Tina Dutta) will get married.

Our source says, “In the upcoming tracks of the show, Meethi will get married to Ashfaq (Sahil Phull). After Aakash (Mrunal Jain) is being declared as a terrorist by the Pakistani Police, Ansari will ask Meethi to go back to India. Meethi, who can’t leave Aakash alone in Pakistan and go back to India, will find out a way to stay back in Pakistan. Meethi will marry Ashfaq so that she can stay back in Pakistan.”

“When Ansari comes at the airport to meet Meethi to help her go back to India, he gets shocked to see Meethi and Ashfaq entering together as married couple. Meethi and Ashfaq will do their Nikaah secretly and eventually Ashfaq’s family will be surprised to see him married to Meethi and will question him that he shouldn’t have done this,” adds our source.

When contacted Sahil, aka Ashfaq, he said, “I have been given a proper Muslim look with Sherwani and Pajama for the Nikaah track and Meethi is looking amazing too in her attire.”

It would be interesting for the viewers to watch the consequences of the Nikaah of Meethi and Ashfaq