Love is in the air!

Sony Entertainment Television’s Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania (Bodhi Tree Production) is keeping audiences glued with interesting twists.

And now, we will see Meera (Namita Dubey) realising her love for Abhishek (Priyanshu Jora).

As per a reliable source, “On one hand, the Pant family would be gearing up for Abhishek and Radhika’s wedding, while on the other side, Meera would realise that she is in love with Abhishek.”

Finally on the D day, Meera would go to the Pant house, amidst the wedding gala of Abhishek and Radhika, and propose to Abhishek.

Awwwww! How romantic!

Viewers have to wait for Abhishek’s response.

Will Abhishek say yes to the alliance?