Meer Ali’s newest avatar as the rich bureaucrat, with a stylish and powerful persona in Star Plus’ Dehleez (Fortune Productions & Colosceum) has been impressive in the opening week.

The character, Jaydev is the perfect shadow of his father, and happens to be an obedient and duty-bound son. A man of few words, his character has already made a mark.

Talking about his character, Meer states, “It was really tough for me to get into the shoes of Jaydev, as I am an extrovert and enthusiast in real life. First of all, my body language is not that subtle as Jaydev’s is. This made it all the more difficult for me, as I had to restrict myself and speak less to get into the skin of the character. Also, I put in a lot of time researching about the intricate features of a bureaucrat.”

Meer looks sublimely handsome in his new look in the show, and the actor is equally excited about it. “My look has been specifically structured and created with a lot of effort by Huma Ghouse, the Head Designer from Star Plus and Anirban, my designer for the show. The look and attire that I have been given is very sleek, classy and stylish.”

Meer has a reason to rejoice, as people on the set envy him for carrying the best look on the show. “Oh yes, it makes me feel like James Bond, the moment I get into my costume. I feel the Bond music playing in my ears (laughs). This is funny, but a fact.”

Superb, this Meer!! Wish you all the best…